My name is Joel Hughes and since before 2001 I’ve been helping people and organisations take their business online. This could be building or redesigning a website, setting up a WordPress blog, helping them with their ongoing web strategy, or training their team with skills such as Twitter, Linkedin or Blogging.

I can help you with:

Question? Here’s some answers to common questions…

Why work with me?

My clients always say that I’m very good at explaining things and that I don’t try and blind people with technical mumbo jumbo. People rightly believe that I’m on their side; looking to see how web technology can benefit their needs.

“Joel made me feel valued from the first moment I contacted him. When I asked my shortlist companies for a quote that is exactly what I received from everyone, except Joel. He wanted to meet me to find out what I really needed for my new business.”

Alison Love

If it’s a website you’re looking for then I can help. And I’ll be determined to create something of value to you & your business. Something which is focussed on your audience’s needs and something which truly reflects your products, your services, and your brand personality. In short, something which adds value to your business; something which helps entertain & engage customers & leads, and something that you and your team can be proud of.

My website design process (find out more)

Why not take a look at some of the projects that I’ve worked on, discover what I can do for you or find out how much I charge?

To get in touch with me, please call on 01633 530230, email me or chat with me on Twitter or Instagram.


Recent Blog Posts

  • 2015 – new year, new name (1/31/2015) - This year marks a change for my company; I’ll have been going for nearly 15 years and plans are shaping up for the future. For one thing there will be a new company name (all part of my grand plan). The eagle eyed amongst you may quip I had a new company name last year. Well, […]
  • Help Required: Freelance Project Manager (3/27/2014) - Ideally you’ll be close to Newport to enable the occasional face to face meeting; but, at this point, this is not essential. You’ll probably have a background in looking after web/creative projects/teams. You’ll be familiar with a range of project management approaches and your opinion will be welcome on improving how we go about things. […]
  • What makes a web agency a lovely place to work? (3/20/2014) - Over the next couple of years I’ll be ramping up my newly renamed company (Hinkford) to start getting full time staff on board. This is a big step and presents many issues & questions so I’d like your input into shaping my thoughts as to how to create an environment which people LOVE to work […]
  • My New Business Direction (3/15/2014) - I set up my company in 2001 and, in all fairness, I’ve had a blast. Things really got fun when, about 8 years ago, I stopped contracting at agencies and starting dealing with clients direct – in short, that’s when I really started learning how to run a web business. Like any business there have […]
  • Newport Tech Club – fancy it? (3/1/2014) - I’ve been playing around with tech & stuff which is at the fringe of my knowledge; specifically Arduino and funky web stuff such as Yeoman, Angular.js & Heroku. The thing is,  I find there is only so much learning I can do on my own and online. Videos, blog posts etc are all well & […]

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